New Material Graphene Will Become The Next Photovoltaic Industry Or Not

- Nov 13, 2016-

Mention photovoltaic industry, it is thought to make people feel very pain! 5 years ago, the photovoltaic industry how terrible, how brilliant, known as the "sunrise industry of new energy future". Since about 2002, China photovoltaic industry is a stride forward singing militant songs, the average annual increase rate of 30%, production capacity accounted for more than half of the world. In the most prosperous, the world's largest 15 solar cell manufacturing companies have 10 from China, resulting in the PV industry in China, the weight of the great. However, due to the photovoltaic industry momentum was on the rise, 2012 Europe PV dual (anti-dumping and countervailing) is like a fuse, exploded China photovoltaic industry "Facade", fully exposed drawbacks. Faced with exports blocked, when the domestic photovoltaic industry across the board losses, more than half of the business or semi shutdown, a recession, the largest PV companies in Wuxi Suntech finally closed down.          

From a few years ago, the PV industry, the author also saw the recent non-ferrous industry speculation of new energy materials - graphene. According to the introduction of materials, graphene is a new type of nano materials is found in a thin, maximum strength, thermal conductivity properties of the strongest, because of its good light transmittance, high thermal conductivity, low resistivity and high mechanical strength and other characteristics, effective performance in lithium batteries, automotive parts, air cooling materials, integrated circuit etc, is known as "besides eating, graphene is involved in a magical material for all products and in various fields, known as the" precious metal "black gold" and "king of new materials". Scientists even predict graphene will be a complete change in twenty-first Century, the new material, it is likely to set off a new industrial revolution sweeping the world of new technology.

Statistics show that experienced a rapid development from 2014 to 2016, the country engaged in the number of graphene R & D, production and application related to more than 400 enterprises, accounting for about 3/4 of the global number of graphene enterprises, and in the technology patent is a single large, in 2015, China has filed more than 2200 graphite graphene patents, patent technology about global graphene 1/3. Although some enterprises graphene technology innovation and frequent, but the industrial development is slow, and the end of the rapid expansion of production capacity, product homogeneity is very serious, almost graphene industry "low trap". Moreover, under such a scale, as a new industry, China's graphene industry chain is still very weak, there is no complete, mature upstream and downstream industry chain. And most of the enterprises put money and energy into the graphene material production, while the downstream application is mainly concentrated in low value-added products, high value-added products and incapable of action because of the lack of relevant personnel and technology. This industry status, it is very natural for us to think of the once glorious moment of the photovoltaic industry in the scene.          

Now, the United States and Japan and other foreign counterparts enterprises have hands-on China enterprises, the country has begun a "but" even "at each other". According to the great wisdom news broke the news, graphene conductive agent in Qingdao and Dongguan two production enterprises of their market share and both products, each one sticks to his argument in the coating field, Each sticks to his own stand.;, gathered a large number of graphene listed companies get together phenomenon is more serious, the price war is difficult to avoid; the field of electric vehicles, there are Chinese ten listed companies in the layout of the graphene battery in the field, no matter which one that graphene lithium battery production have unique technology, but the real draw can be installed to mass production of high quality graphene lithium electric products almost no, its application in the face of intense competition in the low-end lithium battery products. There are graphene enterprises more weaker strength than trying to improve the quality of innovation in the industry, but the use of the national vulnerability on the protection of intellectual property, see peer graphene enterprises in an application domain to make money, regardless of whether the patent protection would herd, resulting in some strong competitiveness of enterprises are to give up the enthusiasm of innovation. An industry expert said: now the application of graphene, low-end products homogenization, and excessive speculation and other serious problems, the first round of industry "big reshuffle" has surfaced, the next three years, at least more than half of enterprises may be eliminated.          

This is not alarmist! Whether our government, the Industry Association issued a warning signal to the graphene industry, let the hotheaded they face graphene "trap" quit, or to choose the path of development of the difference? We expect that in any case, we can not allow the new graphene industry repeat photovoltaic industry experience.

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