New Material System Is The Key To The Power Battery Industry Investment

- Nov 09, 2016-

Huge capital into the power to accelerate the expansion of the battery capacity, but also brings the potential of excess capacity. In this context, there is still a chance to invest in the field of power battery? Business prospects and where?          

From the point of view of investment, mainly divided into industry investment and industry investment. For the capital outside the industry, there is still a chance to enter the new energy automotive industry, especially investment in R & D of the new material system, will become the key to breaking the industry investment.          

Four of the most important raw materials for lithium batteries are: cathode materials, anode materials, battery separator and electrolyte.          

The development and improvement of the material system under the raw material play an important role in improving the energy density of the battery.          

For example, in the cathode material, nickel cobalt aluminum (NCA) three yuan in the Tesla swept the world's leading sales continue to rise. It has a great advantage in resource occupation, price, security and so on. However, the current domestic NCA material is still in the stage of technical reserves, to achieve mass production still need time.          

In the field of anode materials, silicon carbon composite anode materials in technology and technology has been difficult to break through. In addition, the lithium battery separator, electrolyte, solid state batteries and other new materials and new technology challenges, all to bring the opportunity to enter the capital into the industry.          

At present, the technical route of the power battery is the application field of the dispute. Pure electric passenger car three yuan with a sustained increase in the proportion, and this trend will continue in the next few years; in the field of passenger cars, three yuan lithium battery is suspended for a long time after the future will be mainly lithium iron phosphate battery. In the field of special vehicles, mainstream car manufacturers have begun to start the layout of three yuan.          

2017-2018 is expected to enter the tragic period of the war, the Chinese power battery will experience the capacity of the dispute, the performance of the dispute, the price of the dispute.

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