New Progress In The Industrialization Of New Generation Of Silicon Anode Materials And High Energy Power Battery

- Dec 01, 2016-

December 1st, "2016APEC lithium New Energy Summit and the second session of the starting point of the Golden Tripod award ceremony" in Shenzhen Kai Li in the 3 floor of the hotel's banquet hall held a grand. CEO and leaders of the various segments of the industrial chain of lithium present gathered together to explore the development trend of lithium battery industry, grasp the future direction of new lithium battery  industry. Through industry interaction, to promote better cooperation between the lower reaches of the industry chain, for China's lithium battery  industry to bring greater breakthroughs and beyond.          

In the new energy CTO Ma Xin at the summit issued a "new generation of silicon anode materials and high power battery industry of new progress" keynote speech.          

Ma Xin introduction, Taixing City, the full energy technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, the main production of new type of silicon containing lithium battery anode material, annual production capacity of 30 thousand tons. At the same time can provide cathode paste and electrode plate, also can be customized packages of batteries, lithium battery and battery special column, and through strict confidentiality authorization under the technical cooperation, and large institutions to build large-scale high energy lithium battery factory.          

The State supports the promotion of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles in 2016 production is expected to reach 600 thousand units, which provide a huge market demand for power lithium ion battery enterprises, will promote the development of relevant materials of lithium battery industry. In the next few years the global mobile phone market growth rate of 3-5%, in 2015 the global notebook computer down to 168 million units, the market growth is weak. Therefore, electric vehicles and power batteries become the most bright spot in the strategic emerging industries.          

Ma Xin pointed out that the cathode material of the bottleneck, the positive 210 Mah is not in existence, anode material is relatively more hopeful, make a 400 MAH battery is entirely possible, but in fact, silicon extremely negative battery is very difficult to do, to make greater progress in anode materials, the company in cooperation with the subdivision the field of partners, began the construction of a high energy 200 million WH production line, the company hopes and more industry partners.

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