New Regulation For Power Battery Industry

- Nov 27, 2016-

In early 2016 by the suspension of the impact of subsidies, three yuan battery into an embarrassing situation, a lot of battery companies in the field of three yuan battery have discontinued or cut. With the "automobile power battery industry norms conditions" business directory (Fourth Batch) released the list, three yuan battery policy has changed, in 31 single and 1 enterprises selected system of enterprise, the main business for the three yuan battery enterprises reached 21, accounting for up to 68%, compared with the previous the three batch of catalog list increased significantly.          

In November 22nd, the Ministry issued the "automotive battery industry norms conditions" (2017) of the draft, its core content is as follows: single core enterprise: 1) lithium ion battery monomer enterprises with an annual capacity of not less than 8 billion kilowatts; 2) nickel metal hydride battery monomer enterprises with an annual capacity of not less than 100 million watts; 3) super capacitor monomer enterprises with an annual output capacity of not less than 10 million watts. The Ministry of the battery business capacity as an access standard intent clear, electric core industry production capacity threshold was raised.            

According to statistics, in 2016 the scale of production capacity of top five enterprises were BYD, CATL, waltmal, China Xuan tech, power of God, of which only one company BYD annual capacity of 10Gwh, to meet the requirements of 8Gwh. In order to meet the power battery industry development requirements, other advantages of core enterprise such as CATL, waltmal, China Xuan tech, the power of God, air lithium, Wei Li billion is bound to target 8Gwh capacity force, to accelerate the expansion of production capacity expansion.            

In the background of the expansion of production capacity, three yuan battery as the power of pure electric vehicles will become the main battlefield of the mainstream, core enterprise production layout in the second half of 2016, many enterprises have already started the layout of three yuan battery project, such as brunp Group invested 1 billion 226 million yuan, built three yuan year production of 35 thousand tons of precursor project; the wisdom of Forster energy capital of 3 billion 114 million yuan, three yuan expansion of high-end lithium battery production line; the Hengdian East ho throw 3 billion layout of three yuan to buy three yuan gelinmei lithium battery; precursor production line, three yuan to bump layout of lithium battery; China Xuan tech force three yuan lithium battery.

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