New Soft Conductive Carbon Materials To Improve The Performance Of LiFePO4 Materials

- Nov 21, 2016-

Lithium ion battery is widely used in the field of mobile electronic devices and electric tools, in recent years, with the rapid development of electric vehicle industry, power battery market demand is also rapidly expanding. Electric cars, electric bus passengers in order to ensure the personal and property safety, so the high security requirements of power battery, especially in the event of a collision and other serious problems, so the evaluation index of power battery has very strict on extrusion, acupuncture and other safety indicators requirements.

At present in all the battery materials, lithium iron phosphate material with excellent safety performance has become the preferred material for the power battery.          

However, the lithium iron phosphate material also has the disadvantages of low voltage and poor conductivity, which lead to large polarization of the lithium iron phosphate in the discharge process, which leads to the decrease of the discharge voltage and so on. In order to improve the conductivity of LiFePO4, the modification of LiFePO4 was carried out from two aspects.          

One of them is the nano processing of materials, the lithium iron phosphate particles after nanocrystallization has improved the surface area of the material, the contact area is increased, increasing the conductivity, but also reduce the diffusion path of Li+, the high rate performance of the material.

Another method is the surface coating treatment, the current more mature method is to coat a layer of graphite layer on the surface of lithium iron phosphate particles, so as to enhance the conductivity of the material.

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