New Subsidy Policy To Promote The Core Business To Three Yuan Battery As The Starting Point

- Nov 27, 2016-

The new subsidy policy to promote the core enterprise to three yuan battery as the starting point           Previously, show online rumors in 2017 "new energy vehicles subsidy adjustment plan", pure electric vehicles in accordance with the quality of battery energy density and mileage standards, requirements of battery energy density not less than 90wh/kg; the energy density of the battery is 90-120wh/kg, mileage allowance 20 thousand yuan 100-150 km as the base of subsidies; mileage 250-250 km more than 250 kilometers, 1.2 times and 2.2 times respectively in accordance with subsidies.            

In terms of capacity density, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery is only 130-150Wh/g; three yuan battery energy density of more than 200Wh/kg, in terms of energy density, three yuan battery clearly has a larger advantage and enhance the space. As the country began to tilt to the capacity density and mileage in the new energy vehicles subsidy policy, plus three yuan charge battery number and put stability in rapid promotion, new energy car enterprises in promoting the new subsidy policy will focus on the application of three yuan three yuan battery, battery demand will be broke.            

Earlier, BYD said that the future will expand the layout of three yuan of lithium batteries, in 2016, BYD is expected to battery capacity 10Gwh, in 2017 added three yuan of batteries 5-6Gwh. As the world's second largest and the country's largest power battery manufacturer, BYD has been adhering to the technical route of lithium iron phosphate battery, is the world leader in lithium iron phosphate battery technology. Now BYD large-scale layout three yuan battery, it is the core enterprise to three yuan battery as the starting point to seize the best example of the market share.           


From the current policy to the fresh air, the electric core enterprise to grasp the policy opportunities, you need three yuan to three yuan to increase the battery as a breakthrough battery strategic layout, with three yuan battery with high energy density to seize the market share of new energy vehicles, at the end of 2017, three yuan battery demand will usher in the outbreak period, and technology route three yuan battery occupies the dominant position in the future.

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