New Technology To Further Improve The Efficiency Of Solar Cells

- Jan 19, 2017-

Perovskite materials can be made into solar cells, photoelectric conversion efficiency is high, in recent years the scientific community has been optimistic about its prospects. However, it also has the characteristics of unstable performance and easy to decay. Australian National University Australian National University (ANU) the researchers developed a new fabrication process of perovskite, and include indium and other elements, which greatly enhance the efficiency of the solar cell and a series of perovskite perovskite - silicon solar cell. Compared with the current solar cell materials, the perovskite material is thinner, more flexible and cheaper.          

The research team in the United States this year has developed a new generation equipment, consists of two series of all perovskite solar cells, with 20.3% of the overall efficiency of solar energy into electrical energy, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is close to now on the market of silicon solar cells. The ANU researchers have further improved the efficiency of the series perovskite solar cells, in the production process of mixing indium material, and further make the series perovskite silicon battery efficiency.          

Research team leader Tom White said, only need to add additional process steps in the production of monocrystalline silicon solar cell production line series, titanium silicon solar maximum can be between the solar energy conversion efficiency up to 25%-30% production, is higher than that of single battery.more solar batteries like: