NINGDE EAR, CATL,advantages And Disadvantages Analysis

- Jun 06, 2017-

In 2016, the government set up a battery business access directory, outside the directory, the battery's new energy vehicles can not receive subsidies. Foreign battery companies were excluded. This protective policy has created the success of domestic advantage Battery Companies in Ningde. Of course, the policy can not always protect it, the new policy this year has seen subsidies fall, and the Ministry also said in late 2020, the government will release the protection of battery market. So sooner or later, the age of Ningde will face such a day, that is, relying on its own technology advantage. It is possible to nip in the bud, Ningde era now has a huge after-sales service network, the service city reached 255, agents network covering 84 cities, has 300 service agents.