Panasonic (32% Global EV Passenger Car Battery Share)

- Dec 16, 2016-

Tesla strong sales support, Panasonic vigorously invest in experiments, continuous improvement in the performance and cost of battery products. Tesla sales in the United States won the largest market share, in the field of new energy vehicles is to achieve a leading idol level. Because of cooperation with Tesla, the two sides more closely linked, which is Panasonic compared with competitors have the most unique advantage. In August 2016, Matsushita announced that gigafactory will provide Tesla's (meaning 1 billion watt / GW company factory) $3 billion 900 million, this is the largest investment in fiscal year panasonic. Panasonic's Panasonic automotive systems company, fiscal year 2015 (actually in March 2016) revenue of $9 billion 990 million, an increase of 16%, has ranked the world's auto parts suppliers hundred. Panasonic has a deep R & D strength and reserves in battery chemistry, automotive batteries and the surrounding business has become one of the highlights of many businesses Panasonic, Panasonic decided to further inject new funds.

However, Panasonic 18650 core short board worrying. Because the single core storage capacity is small, the car needs a large number of series and parallel amplitude increases, such as a top with the Tesla Model S will use about 7000 pieces of Panasonic 18650 batteries, and battery storage capacity equal only hundreds of dollars is enough, greatly improving the security risks. In addition, the technical route is difficult to take Matsushita currently with the change of market demand and flexible change, the reason is very simple, as the first big customer Matsushita, Tesla Matsushita need stable, continuous supply of lithium iron phosphate batteries 18650.

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