Part 3 Model S Battery Management System Illustration

- Feb 28, 2017-

Battery management system (Battery Management System referred to as BMS) is to monitor the battery pack and effective management, improve the efficiency of the use of battery devices. For electric vehicles, through effective control of the battery charge and discharge of the system, to increase the mileage, prolong the service life, the purpose of reducing operating costs, and ensure the safety and reliability of battery applications.           The main functions of the battery management system include data acquisition, battery state calculation, energy management, thermal management, security management, balance control and communication functions. As can be seen from the circuit diagram, the battery management system for Tesla's own research and development, with a high degree of intellectual property rights of the core technology. The system can handle the charging, discharging and heating problems. I believe the domestic manufacturers more difficult to cottage.          

The foreign expert disassemble Tesla Model S let us know more details. 18650 of the total volume depends on a number of panels and aluminum tubes; "coolant" with the heating of the battery and battery management system more balanced; BMS complex treatment makes perfect battery charge and discharge.          

Generally speaking, Model S battery protection is quite good, the internal structure is properly designed, the battery management system is also very detailed. I believe that domestic brands want to have a lot of difficulties cottage.