Passenger Car Three Yuan Lithium Battery Will Be Lifted

- Dec 08, 2016-

Recently, the Ministry pointed out that in the new energy vehicle safety supervision work conference, since January 1, 2017, to pay third party inspection report, three yuan can apply for a new battery bus "recommended the promotion and application of new energy vehicle models directory". This statement was interpreted as the application of three yuan lithium battery on the bus since January 1, 2017 will be lifted.          

"From a policy level, this is not a formal document." A bus enterprise technical responsible person in an interview with reporters bluntly, "three yuan for lithium batteries, most bus companies have technical reserves, but based on security considerations, many car companies are still in a wait state, the short term will not apply for three yuan of lithium battery bus into the promotion directory."          

The reporter understands, it is out of the power battery safety issues, at the beginning of this year, the Ministry of equipment industry division director Zhang Xiangmu made it clear that the suspension of three yuan lithium battery bus included in the promotion and application of new energy vehicles recommended models directory. At that time, the news caused a huge controversy.          

The lithium battery is about three yuan to the latest official statement, although no longer box dead battery technology roadmap is regarded as good news, but from the current car and battery manufacturers attitude, three yuan of lithium battery used in large-scale passenger cars is still a long way off".          

"Cautious use of three yuan lithium battery"          

In fact, although the three yuan lithium battery with high energy density, long mileage and other advantages, but its safety for questioning but always can be heard without end.          

At the end of January this year, the State Ministry of equipment industry secretary Zhang Xiangmu in Chinese hundreds of electric vehicle will be said, in the current safety standards, before the risk assessment of the lithium battery bus three yuan, three yuan to suspend the lithium battery bus included in the promotion and application of new energy vehicles recommended models directory, the main consideration is out security issues.          

Reporters learned that, compared to three yuan materials, lithium iron phosphate thermal stability is better, the decomposition will occur at 700 degrees, even if the decomposition will not release oxygen, the fire is relatively easy to be extinguished. While the three yuan of materials of poor thermal stability, the outside temperature at 200 degrees Celsius under will decompose and release oxygen, once the fire will be in a very short time deflagration.          

Late last year, the end of the Hongkong brand electric bus fire and explosion, is a typical example. Tesla occurred in addition to a number of fire occurred (although the main reason is not caused by the three yuan lithium battery), so many people in the industry to carry three yuan lithium battery system is questioned.          

The national "863" plan for energy conservation and new energy vehicle project overall team leader Ouyang Ming has said publicly that the higher the industry, especially for large passenger bus 12 meters long, once the accident, to make all the passengers to escape, so the use of lithium iron phosphate battery has higher safety and fire speed relatively slow more than three yuan, suitable for lithium batteries.          

So, from a safety point of view, in the application of the bus, three yuan lithium battery will not be fully liberalized." The bus technology enterprises responsible person said, in fact, from the relevant ministries and industry experts can be learned, the more inclined to let the bus companies use lithium iron phosphate battery, three yuan for a lithium battery's attitude is "prudent use".

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