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- Nov 21, 2016-

The so-called polymer lithium battery refers to the use of the polymer as the electrolyte of lithium ion batteries, the specific point is divided into "semi - polymer" and "all - polymer" two. "Semi polymer" refers to the isolation film coated with a layer of polymer (generally PVDF), so that the adhesive force of the electric core stronger, the battery can be done more hard, the electrolyte is still liquid electrolyte.          

The "full polymer" refers to the use of polymer in the formation of gel network inside the core, and then injected into the electrolyte electrolyte. Although the whole polymer battery is still to use liquid electrolyte, but the amount is much less, which has a great improvement on the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries. As far as the author knows, only SONY in the production of "all polymer" lithium-ion battery.          

On the other hand, polymer battery refers to the use of plastic packaging film as a lithium ion battery packaging, also known as soft cell. The packaging film is composed of three layers, which are PP layer, Al layer and nylon layer, and the PP and nylon are polymer, so this kind of electric core is called polymer battery.          


SONY has always wanted to put the lithium-ion battery as an imaging alkaline battery, there is a certain industrial standards, like the 5 battery, battery 7, the world is basically the same. But because of one of the advantages of lithium ion batteries that can design according to customer demand, can not have a uniform standard, so now the lithium-ion battery industry basically only 18650 of this standard model, the other is according to the customer demand design.

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