Power Batteries Comparison

- Dec 21, 2016-

In terms of power batteries, at present, three yuan lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries and lithium titanate batteries in the field of electric vehicles have applications.


Three yuan for the lithium battery capacity density is high, the mileage is relatively long, domestic car prices of passenger cars have turned to the use of three yuan of lithium battery, including BYD, BAIC, JAC etc.. But three yuan lithium battery but there are poor security, poor thermal resistance, poor life and other shortcomings, early in 2016, was also MIIT halted, suspended lithium battery bus included in the new energy vehicles to promote the application of the proposed model catalog.


Compared to three yuan batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, due to stable safety performance, high temperature performance, light weight and other advantages, more and more active in the electric bus market. However, low temperature performance, low cathode material density and other defects, in the micro battery does not have the advantage.


After GREE and Zhuhai silver long cooperation with vigour and vitality of lithium titanate batteries, power battery market has not been earlier -- too much attention, and therefore from relativeobscurity. Dong Mingzhu on many occasions said to do "the gold from the sand out of the people". Then, Dong Mingzhu in the lithium titanate battery, can be like Wang Chuanfu in the lithium iron phosphate battery, musk in three yuan of lithium batteries as successful?


Lithium titanate battery lithium battery is the longest life, the highest battery safety. On the life cycle, ordinary lithium-ion battery is about 1000 - 2000 cycles, lithium titanate is the second cycle, is the former 15 times. And silver long new energy has mastered the world's top lithium titanate core technology, to capture the industry recognized "five problems", 6 minutes to achieve fast charging resistance, wide temperature, 30 years of service life cycle, no fire no explosion and other excellent characteristics.


In the field of power batteries, low battery energy density has become part of the industry criticized lithium titanate battery is not mainstream reason.


On many occasions, silver long publicly acknowledged lithium titanate battery has low energy density problems. At the same time also has long silver to the society said that it has actively developed and improved this shortcoming, now silver uplift developed the fourth generation of high energy density of lithium titanate battery, compared with the third generation cost decreased by 40%, increase the energy density of 60%. In addition, silver long also mastered the core technology research and development of hydrogen in titanium, will effectively solve the problem of energy density of the battery, and through the combination of lithium titanate batteries and fuel them, successfully solved the problems of new energy vehicle mileage.

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