Power Battery Industry Overcapacity Signs

- Nov 15, 2016-

2016 is a year of continuous development of new energy vehicles, but also a year of large-scale expansion of power battery enterprises.          

Hot in the new energy automotive market driven by the power battery as an important part of the core components also attracted a large influx of social capital, investment expanding production surge. Relevant data show that in 2016 the first three quarters of power battery expansion projects amounted to 78, the total investment of more than 100 billion.          

At present, power battery industry has shown signs of excess capacity, the domestic battery industry is in a relatively chaotic development situation of the fight the enemy separately this means that the domestic battery industry, the pattern of the upcoming reshuffle.          

In market competition, domestic enterprises are facing constraints in foreign power battery battery giant, while the tendency of new energy vehicles enterprises layout core components of power batteries have become increasingly prominent, and the drama of mergers and acquisitions has intensified, it can be said that the domestic battery enterprises are facing internal and external attack situation.          

For the new energy automotive industry, the promotion of energy density is one of the major factors affecting the market. Product technology to enhance the performance of the test of power battery companies. At the same time, along with the policy of subsidies fall trend, power battery enterprises also face the challenge of reducing cost.          

In addition, with the prosperity of the power battery, battery disposal problem gradually surfaced, is expected to usher in the next 3-5 years will usher in a small peak battery. How to deal with such a huge amount of retired power battery has become the industry's biggest difficulty and pain points.          

Overall, the Chinese power battery is the development path of the development path along the "capacity of the dispute - Performance - price - to - price ratio". Under this background, power battery companies face internal and external attack breaking? How to improve battery performance to reduce costs? How to solve the problem of security? How to deal with the power battery echelon use and recovery of the problem?          

By November 17th, Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee, automobile industry branch of engineering, electric engineering production and research contractors "intelligent control electric future" 2016 (second) Guangzhou international electric vehicle industry summit will import and Export Fair in Guangzhou Pazhou Chinese No. 8 conference and exhibition hall B district held a grand room.


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