Power Battery Industry Usher In A Great Change

- Dec 08, 2016-

2016 has entered the countdown, the new energy automotive industry ushered in an important policy changes. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued a notice to solicit public opinion on the "automobile power battery industry norms (2017)" (hereinafter referred to as the "standard conditions"), vigorously rectify the power battery industry. This is the Ministry of industry and information technology in March 2015 after the development of the automotive power battery industry norms conditions, the state authorities in charge of the second power battery specification release relevant documents.          

Compared with normative documents issued on 2015, the "standard" conditions of production capacity, mainly from the security requirements, research and development ability from several aspects such as adjustment and improvement, which has important changes in capacity requirements, the industry called "changes". In addition, the new energy vehicles for the new development, in the after-sales service, battery recycling, product requirements, the overall standard management and other aspects of the proposed new requirements.           The old version of the file name of the power battery to the power battery, a battery of poor, the scope of the battery subsidies narrowed. Automotive power battery must be the battery, but the battery is not necessarily a power battery, the two is a strict distinction between. Cite an example: the trolley bus is an electric bus, but it is not a power battery, so it is not a pure electric bus. Because the definition is different, the treatment is completely different from the policy, the trolley can not get a new energy vehicle subsidies.          

The provisions of the new "standard" conditions, lithium ion battery monomer enterprises with an annual capacity of not less than 8 billion watts, 200 million watts compared to the old version of the expanded full 40 times; nickel metal hydride battery monomer enterprises with an annual capacity of not less than 100 million watts, 10 million watts compared to the old version of the expanded 10 times; super capacitor monomer enterprises with an annual capacity of not less than 10 million kwh, compared to the old version of the 5 million watt capacity requirements, slightly relaxed, only doubled; system of enterprises with an annual output capacity of not less than 80000 or 4 billion watts, demand is also high; the enterprise power battery production various types of single enterprise, system, its annual production capacity to respectively. To meet the above requirements.          

According to the existing data, from the mainstream power battery business capacity of view, the current can be a handful, only a BYD, CATL (Ningde times new energy) at the end of the end of the expansion just enough to pass the line.          

In terms of production, the new two requirements on monitoring and consistency: first, must have a real-time monitoring of the production environment monitoring system". Two is the process that enterprises should have standardized, and set up from the raw materials, semi-finished products, process parameters, production process, factory and complete monitoring system, with precise control technology and other products to ensure consistency of ability.          

In terms of technical capabilities, two requirements of new equipment and research and development capabilities: first, enterprises should be equipped with at least meet the above analysis, material preparation, safety evaluation, performance evaluation and other related development tools, software development, and testing equipment, test equipment (test line containing) etc.. Secondly, the enterprise should have a complete product research and development experience, and has the ability to support product R & D investment.

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