Power Battery Market Chaos The Small And Medium Enterprises How To Break Through

- Nov 22, 2016-

Cheat up investigation, subsidy policy adjustment, the country make delay, standard directory restrictions, three yuan in the lifting of the ban on the bus battery yet.

The current national policy uncertainty for new energy vehicles and battery market in the short term suffered a cold.          

On the one hand, in the adjustment of the new energy policy for vehicle enterprises in the new product development, market development and production capacity expansion have had a great impact. The automobile association data show that 1-9 months of domestic implementation of 302 thousand the production of new energy vehicles, sales of 289 thousand vehicles, an increase of 93% and 100.6% respectively, year on year decline significantly.          

On the other hand, a large number of battery companies failed to enter the directory in a timely manner in the market is seriously hampered by the development of the market, sales performance is far less than the expected target. In fact, has entered the directory although battery enterprises get more orders, but also by the vehicle enterprise funds arising from the account of a long, difficult return to torture.          

It is worth noting that, although the power battery market this year, the overall performance is not optimistic, power lithium ion battery business Chaowei group has made good achievements. 2016 semi annual report shows that the Chaowei power achieved operating income of about 9 billion 463 million yuan during the first half of the year, an increase of 12.8%. Among them, the lithium ion battery product sales revenue reached 144 million yuan, up last year to achieve substantial growth.

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