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- Dec 21, 2016-

After GREE and Zhuhai silver long cooperation with vigour and vitality of lithium titanate batteries, power battery market has not been earlier -- too much attention, and therefore from relativeobscurity. Dong Mingzhu on many occasions said to do "the gold from the sand out of the people". Then, Dong Mingzhu in the lithium titanate battery, can be like Wang Chuanfu in the lithium iron phosphate battery, musk in three yuan of lithium batteries as successful?


Recently, Dong Mingzhu and silver long new energy hot once again boarded the Ningde times, President Huang Shilin said publicly that Dong Mingzhu now take the entire net worth the investment of lithium titanate battery, the energy density is relatively low, the future will not be too mainstream, which are not very optimistic about the technology.


2015, silver long annual sales orders of nearly 7000 units, an annual growth rate of 2228%, the rapid growth of China's new energy industry leader.


From the acquisition of the United States Austrian titanium to now developed the fourth generation of high energy density lithium titanate battery, is it said that silver dragon is not optimistic about the future development potential and enormous business opportunities lithium titanate battery? Dalian Wanda Group, CIMC outstanding capital investment on long silver just because the "silly money", or simply to Dong Mingzhu's favor? Shopping malls such as battlefield, shrewd entrepreneurs naturally see the development prospects of lithium titanate.


Dong Mingzhu said: "there are some people who are short-sighted, just look at the eyes of land". Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin stake in Silver Lung said: the role of entrepreneurs is forward-looking, able to see others can not see the point".


"Mainstream" two words is not to judge the enterprise quality standards, consumers' IQ is always online, the market is the touchstone, the enterprise has no real skill, is hiding from them.


No power battery is perfect

Speaking with facts and true skills, is to test the standard of things wrong, mainstream two words, but is a hat by the era of deduction.


At present, the current situation of the development of new energy vehicles in the domestic situation, the type of battery is rich and varied, and the key index of the market is most concerned about the cell concentration in five aspects: the safe and stable performance, cycle life, wide temperature resistance, charging speed and energy density.

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