Power Battery Market Outlook In Post Subsidy Era

- Mar 20, 2017-

In recent years, the rapid expansion of China's clean energy automotive industry, led to the rapid development of power batteries and other related industries.          

2017, with clean energy vehicles to further improve the relevant supporting policies, power battery industry, high-speed development period has been in sight.          

However, the rapid development of the power battery industry, but also gradually exposed many problems:          

High production capacity, low production capacity tends to excess; development of the industry is still dominated by the vehicle, especially by 2016 the new energy automotive industry "cheat fill" event, part of the power battery enterprise reimbursement period is extended indefinitely;          

In recent years, a number of new energy vehicles and battery production enterprises fire accident......          

In addition, due to the lack of direct communication with government departments "bridge", power battery industry and government decision-making departments always communicate smoothly enough, often the decision-making departments can not accurately understand the status of the industry, enterprises are lack of effective channels of communication problems.          

The establishment of the power battery applications branch will be development of power battery industry Chinese milepost sense has on an event, is bound to the clean energy industry in our country, especially the far-reaching positive impact the development of battery industry.