Power Battery Technology, Market Status And Trends

- Sep 30, 2016-

At present, in the plug-in hybrid, pure electric battery types include lead acid, nickel hydrogen, lithium battery, etc.. But from the trend of technological development and industrial upgrading, the lithium-ion battery is still the current technology and industry such a hot spot in the field of. Lithium ion battery is from the simple structure, the original square column, and soft package. And from the practical point of view, whether in the energy storage or car such a number of areas have applications in it.          

From the set of indicators, battery system settings or 250 WH / kg, is such a level, set the content or from the perspective of industry chain, to set the battery from the battery, for example the key raw materials, the research of single cell, industrialization, system integration application including a battery, including cascade utilization and recycling of resources, there is a standard system and so on. These contents in the inside cover basically.          

From a security perspective, as long as now used in car, its battery monomer or module through the GB/T31485 safety requirements, at present, from the angle of the system there are some enterprises through, but in the security of the system still need to improve and validate further the.          

From the perspective of the market, is the most important for these markets, in addition to the consumer, electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles including energy storage lithium ion battery is now mainly used in the direction of formation of three regions in the world, Germany, the United States and East Asia, Japan and South Korea in the three regions.          

From an investment point of view, from a global point of view, is now in an investment to increase the development of the situation. The formation of a relatively complete industrial chain, from the battery to the equipment, production equipment, to cascade utilization, Chinese is form the most complete industrial chain system, but also in the country formed a gathering area of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, Beijing and Tianjin, the Central Plains region of the power battery industry, the whole industry investment is more than 100 billion, production capacity is more than 40 billion, the annual production capacity is. In 2015 when the loading is close to 16 billion kwh, more than 100 enterprises to participate in the battery power battery industrialization work.

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