Power Battery War Has Kicked Off

- Sep 06, 2016-

A Chinese home for the power battery war has kicked off.           


According to the automobile association data show that in July this year, China 38 thousand the production of new energy vehicles, sales of 36 thousand vehicles, an increase of 93.4% and 98.1% respectively. Among them, the pure electric vehicle production and sales were 27 thousand and 26 thousand, an increase of 127% and 144.2% respectively. New energy vehicles, a huge potential market, is to become the world's China lithium battery industry a hotly contested spot.Meanwhile, Shenzhen SNOLI electronic co.,ltd,  a professional group for litium ion battery pack , especially cylindrical Li-ion battery , Li-ion polymer battery pack and LiFePO4 battery. Through years of hard work and efforts in this field , is also trying their best to offer best quality lithium batteries to fullfill the empty space of qualified power batteries to intelligent power industry. we have successfully developed several series and over five hundreds product , including Li-ion battery pack PCM , Li-ion polymer battery pack, LiFePO4 battery PCM , and related product like capacity display PCB and charging management PCB , etc.



In 2016 global automotive forum, from Honda, Renault, GM and other foreign brand automobile enterprises have expressed a high degree of concern for China's new energy automotive industry. Renault Group China business senior vice president, said that China's new energy vehicle market development space is huge, will become an important market for Renault new energy vehicles.Through years of hard work and efforts in this field , we have successfully developed several series and over five hundreds product , including Li-ion battery pack PCM , Li-ion polymer battery pack, LiFePO4 battery PCM , and related product like capacity display PCB and charging management PCB , etc. Our main technology make us confident in offering first class product especially for high power and high drain battery pack.


But it is worth noting that, in the surging market, China's new energy automotive industry also broke the sound of the "discord", facing the core parts power battery safety accidents frequent problems.           


"Domestic trouble and foreign invasion", China enterprise how to dance with foreign enterprises? The new national standard access mechanism, and whether Chinese enterprises will become their own masters in the field of industrial differentiation among them? with the development of increasing new energy cars, large demand on lithium batteries boost battery industry a grow fast and rocket high. SNL company would like to backup with our latest new battery technique achievements, from new specification, quality control to our serious after sales service, wish SNL could be your best pre-and-after sales behind man. We offer all kind of 18650 batteries, 2s lithium battery, 3s lithium battery, 4s lithium battery, 10s lithium battery, 12s lithium battery, 14s lithium battery etc.



It was concluded that: 2016 touch "industrial core" policy adjustment, industry competition return market regulation, the annual change in the situation ", is hitherto unknown technology, capital, business model innovation uncertainty" the challenge of the year". SNL company also offers 2s lithium battery including: 7.4v lithium ion battery, 7.4v 2200mah li-ion battery, 7.4v 2200mah battery, lithium ion battery 7.4 v 2200mah, 7.4 volt lithium ion battery,  7.4v li-ion battery pack and so on.



In the "danger and machine coexist, 2016 high lithium battery and electric car will once again the convergence of domestic and foreign business leaders, in-depth analysis of the global opportunities and risks, comprehensive aspects of technology, capital, market prospect, pattern of trend, to solve future Chinese and global new energy automobile industry" "road.


December 14 - 16, with "global vision and Chinese strategy: a new trend of" new thinking and new pattern as the theme of the 2016 engineering and electric vehicle lithium battery will be at the Royal Venus Hotel Shenzhen (formerly mountain kylin Hotel) held.if you need 4s battery,



As the highest level of the lithium battery industry event, the annual meeting will be invited to multinational companies, listed companies, industry chain segments leading enterprises to participate in the top. G20- lithium battery summit meeting with industry leaders will face to face with the industry leaders to discuss how to win in the new era of industrial outlet in china.           

2016 high lithium battery and Electric Vehicle Symposium mainly includes power and energy, materials, equipment and made overseas, four special, invited industry experts, representatives from the policy, global competition, technological route, market stratification, supply chain integration, capital of fine fine consider the Chinese power battery market. How to "dances with Wolves", to survive, is committed to the industry presents a gluttonous feast.          


It is worth mentioning that, in December 16th the annual meeting of the dinner, the industry has attracted the attention of the 2016 Golden Globe Awards ceremony will be announced the final winners of the list, while the ten anniversary of the high tech research and development will be held.

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