Power Lithium Battery Promotion

- Jan 08, 2017-

At present, the new energy automotive industry in China needs to solve the problem, not to expand the power battery capacity, battery power market is not new, but the core competitiveness of enterprises to enhance the core technology and brand influence, including promotion.          

The new subsidy policy has improved the standard of new energy vehicles. In accordance with the new subsidy standards, vehicle enterprises must adjust the plan to improve the technology of the product, otherwise it is difficult to do.          

On the current expansion of power battery production plan, the total capacity of more than 170Gwh/ years, the production capacity has been more than 7 times the demand. If the electric buses and electric passenger car 1:10 market sales ratio of 170Gwh, about to meet the annual production capacity of 500 thousand electric buses and 5 million electric passenger car total demand, according to China's new energy vehicle development planning estimates, this may be our goal after 2025. new energy automative car promtion drives power lithium battery surplus, promot batteries like: