Power Lithium Ion Batteries Recycling Problems

- Nov 25, 2018-

By 2018, 70,000 tons of power batteries will be decommissioned nationwide, and 243,000 tons will be decommissioned by 2020.

There are three main factors in the necessity of recycling waste power batteries.

(1) Safety and environmental protection. Informal recycling channels and backward recycling methods of waste batteries will cause serious pollution to the environment and damage human health.

(2) Sustainable development of resources. Using advanced technology to recover precious metals in high proportion will reduce the mining pressure on mineral resources.

(3) Development of new energy automobile industry. Developing the energy storage function of waste lithium batteries, transforming new energy vehicles into clean energy vehicles, and environmental protection treatment of waste batteries, and transforming new energy vehicles into green environmental protection vehicles, can create a whole industry chain environmental protection industry.

Based on this, SINOLI cycle establishes green intelligent manufacturing, safety monitoring and protection, integrated solutions, precise traceability system, perfect recycling system, leading core technology to ensure their core competitiveness.

At the same time, SINOLI cycle also establishes four cooperation modes to share innovative value with enterprises, share environmental protection responsibilities, create world-class recycling ecology, and establish industry standards.

Establishment of public recycling platform, establishment of public recycling service network, testing and sorting, selection of batteries for partners, scrap batteries into the recycling system.

Strategic cooperation mode; from providing price concessions for batteries raw materials, to jointly constructing recycling channels, locking in the recycling of waste power batteries and ensuring the integration of recycling materials.

Equity cooperation mode; Battery production enterprises, automobile production enterprises, cascade utilization enterprises, recycling enterprises equity cooperation mode.

SINOLI cycle provides physical disassembly and metallurgical OEM services.