Pure Electric Bus To Bring Hope To The Chinese Car

- Nov 16, 2016-

Pure electric bus to bring hope to the Chinese car

1. TOYOTA Prius sedan, with planetary gear coupling (hybrid) technology, because the transmission efficiency in the whole operation range is limited, the planetary gear coupling (hybrid) technology can not be adapted to larger vehicles. China's bus is more than 6 meters long bus, which is the technical principles of the decision;          

2 China's new energy vehicles started in the bus, from 2002 to 2013 is basically a hybrid technology. From the series, parallel, hybrid have been tried, but there has not been a planetary gear coupling (mixed) technology. Basically, the clutch power coupling technique is adopted. Since the clutch power coupling technology of domestic basic guobuleguan, and automatic mechanical clutch hybrid bus American Eaton Corporation get promotion, but his price is relatively high, and also not popularity. Some domestic companies in the study of American Eaton Corporation based on the technology, a lot of innovation. But the product quality is difficult to compare with the Eaton Corp, after 10 years of hard work, but the quality of domestic mechanical automatic clutch is also improved a lot.          

3 power hybrid bus to achieve success, we must overcome three difficulties, namely, the engine system, motor system, dynamic coupling (hybrid) technology must be the world's most advanced. This is the Chinese automobile industry, it is basically impossible.          

The annual production capacity of 4 Chinese passenger cars is about 150 thousand, and the production capacity of bus passenger cars in China is between 5-7 million. The engine system, the motor system and the dynamic coupling mechanism of the big bus manufacturers are basically outside. Chinese passenger cars are basically domestic, the price is the lowest in the world. It is required that the motor system, the motor system, and the power coupling mechanism of the hybrid bus in China must be the most advanced. This is also basically can not do.          

China pure electric bus can not afford the bottleneck is also a power battery. Lithium iron phosphate battery charging a number has more than 2000 times, with 8 years of basic security, monomer ratio energy has reached 140wh/ kg, system specific energy has reached 100wh/ kg, the daily bus index relatively high probability event, it can meet the basic requirements, but with a small probability event, there is a certain the gap.          

On the road waiting for the Chinese battery progress, large car manufacturers to give full play to their initiative, such as the development of lightweight research, improve the pure electric bus continued mileage; the convenience of charging, reduce the bus company frequency charging labor intensity, the mature technology is filling technology, the special arrangements online double fast charging technology.          

The conclusion is: the Chinese pure electric bus technology is the most advanced, and is able to use the.

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