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- Dec 29, 2016-

2016 is a pure electric vehicle reflection year, but also the transformation of the world's pure electric vehicle logo year." For the current problems of the development of new energy vehicles in China, the executive vice president of the Chinese electric vehicle hundred people Ouyang Minggao December 23rd, the Chinese electric car will be a hundred people at 2017 press conference.          

He believes that at this stage, the development of electric vehicle in China there are a series of challenges and problems, mainly reflected a mismatch in the charging infrastructure and vehicle development progress, but in the long term, technology development for new energy vehicle from the electric, lightweight, intelligent into electrical automation combined with low carbon lightweight energy and manufacturing ecological combination, intelligent and network integration.          

Especially in the electrification, the next five years, the goal is to further allow the development of new electric vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles with commercial competitiveness.          

The so-called business competitiveness, is the mainstream A-class car home, in the performance price ratio and fuel car competition. At present, the world is moving in this direction, such as Tesla Model3, general Bolt, its development goals are to drive mileage of 350 km or so with the price of electric cars." Ouyang Minggao said.          

Ouyang Minggao said, but to meet this requirement, the battery must reduce weight, volume and cost. In addition, the battery specific energy must be greatly improved, reached 300-350 kwh per kilogram, which is the research target of Chinese power battery enterprises next.          

Battery costs are expected to drop to 1 yuan 1 kWh

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