Q3 Power Lithium Battery Output 6.45GWh

- Oct 31, 2016-

GGII preliminary statistics, in the third quarter of 2016, the domestic power battery shipments 6.45GWh, an increase of 59.26%, growth of 8.95%. Power battery production in the third quarter mainly focused on large enterprises, small businesses have been forced to decline in production and sales of funds.          

The third quarter of 2016, the power battery by the continuing impact of new energy vehicle policy, the yield did not grow significantly, because the battery announced the fourth batch of catalog, the yield increased compared to the second quarter, but has not yet reached the level of the first quarter.          

At present, the production of first-line power battery companies are good, some of the small and medium power battery production enthusiasm is not high, the main reason:          

1) subsidies for new energy vehicles have not yet fully in place, small and medium enterprises due to cash flow is relatively weak, not willing to take over accounts receivable control shipments; 2) downstream new energy automobile production enterprises is relatively conservative, the demand on battery power lower than expected growth; 3) in the fourth quarter of the new energy vehicles as traditional sales the season, part of core enterprise in the fourth quarter as sales stage, began actively stocking.          

In the new energy automobile industry policy in the background of the adjustment period, the power battery enterprises "bigger" phenomenon is more obvious, with financial and technical strength of the enterprise, is still able to expand production capacity, make electric core and stocking material inventory, waiting for the policy landing again when the volume growth, and capital chain tension, weak technology enterprises in this round of adjustment is expected to be eliminated.

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