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- Feb 07, 2017-

Polymer solar cells can be used for spin coating, volume to volume and inkjet printing and other low-cost manufacturing technology, is expected to greatly reduce the cost of solar cell manufacturing. In recent years, the conversion efficiency of polymer solar cells has exceeded 10%, but most of the polymers are based on the benzene and the two thiophene building units. In order to improve the efficiency of organic solar cells, it is urgent to design new solar cell materials based on the new design strategy and new building elements.

In the national outstanding youth fund, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences 100 innovation international team supported by the research group of Zheng Qingdong has been Fujian State Key Laboratory of structural chemistry for the first time will be asymmetric Indeno as building units for thiophene design and synthesis of novel series of polymer solar cell materials. Based on the synthesized polymer materials, the team successfully prepared 9.14% high conversion efficiency solar cells. In addition, under the condition of no additives, nearly 1V high open circuit voltage solar cell is realized.

This work broadens the field of polymer solar cells to construct the electronic unit selection range: build from symmetrical benzo two thiophene extended to asymmetric Indeno thiophene unit. Compared with the polymer material containing two benzene and thiophene polymers, indene and thiophene based with the highest occupied molecular orbital gap and deeper and wider (HOMO) level, and therefore more suitable for short wavelength absorption of solar cell materials for high voltage high efficiency laminated solar cell preparation.

Previously, the team through the sol-gel method to construct the ZnMgO electron transport layer material and the use of this new class of three yuan of wide band gap semiconductor material interface, the successful implementation of the organic solar cell with high efficiency and long-term stability. more solar's very good quality solar power batteries.