Renewable Solar Photovoltaic Energy Battery Storage

- Nov 19, 2017-

renewable solar photovoltaic energy battery storage

12V 40Ah lithium polymer battery pack
MechanicalCell & MethodTernary/(NiCoMn)O2, 


Electrical CharacteristicsRated Capacity40Ah

Min Capacity39Ah

High Rate Discharge Capacity> 90% Rated Capacity

Discharge Capacity @ -20℃> 70% Rated Capacity

Norminal Voltage68.4V

Open Voltage74-76V

Load Voltage52.25V


Internal Impedance(@ 1000Hz.)50mR

Cycle Life>1000 Cycles @ 3C 100% DOD

Months Self Discharge5%

Efficiency of Charge100% @ 1/3C

Efficiency of Disharge95% @1C
Standard ChargeMax Charge Voltage79.8V

Charge Cut-off Voltage79.8V

Charge Current1/3C, 13.3A

Max Charge Current40A
Standard DischargeStandard Current40A

Max Discharge Current3C, 120A

Discharge Cut-off Voltage52.25V
EnvironmentalCharge Temperature0~45℃ ;20%Relative Humidity

Discharge Temperature-20~60℃ ;20%Relative Humidity

Storage Temperature1month, -20~60℃, 20%Relative Humidity

6moth, -20~30℃, 20%Relative Humidity

The role of solar cells is to store the power generated by the solar array when it is illuminated and to supply power to the load at any time. 

The basic requirements of solar cells for the battery pack are: 

A. self discharge rate is low; 

B. long service life; 

C. deep discharge ability; 

D. charging efficiency is high; 

E. less maintenance or maintenance free; 

F. working temperature range is wide; 

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