Research Hotspot Of High Energy Technology For Lithium Battery

- Oct 24, 2016-

The recent engineering production and Research Institute of lithium (GGII) visited more than and 50 enterprises and participated in a number of forums, found that the current lithium battery has a major breakthrough in high energy density technology.                      

The development route of high energy density include: high voltage cathode material, high G capacity, positive and negative pole material. High voltage cathode materials are usually used to refer to the positive electrode material with a higher voltage than 4.2V. Lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, three yuan of high voltage material.                      

High voltage lithium cobalt acid has been very mature, a large number of high-end digital products, the energy density of three yuan higher than the average battery. At present, high voltage co - acid - Li - battery voltage is usually 4.35V, the next 4.4V years 3-5, 4.5V high voltage cobalt acid lithium battery or can be large-scale application.                      

Three high voltage cathode materials are very few, and are in the research stage. But three yuan high voltage cathode materials may be a breakthrough in the future to achieve 300Wh/kg energy density.                      

At present, three yuan NCM811 grams capacity has more than 180mAh/g, coated or doped by high voltage can be achieved at the same time, it will further improve the capacity of G (high voltage material equivalent to low voltage when no active lithium activation, greater use of materials). However, there are still a lot of technical problems in the current three yuan of high voltage material is not resolved, the stability of the material itself has not yet been resolved.

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