Samsung Mobile Phone Explosion Turned Out To Be The Reason

- Dec 06, 2016-

A few months ago, Galaxy Note is not only the Samsung 7 bombings get scorched by the flames, let countless people lithium lying gun, now the third party contractor Instrumental issued a report on the Note 7 battery explosion, that is because the mobile phone itself "radical design" caused by the battery is not caused by!          

The explosion in the music world no longer cover cover, Samsung chose "child care nanny", will be the cause of the explosion to Samsung's own subsidiary SDI, and cancel SDI orders, to embrace ATL. It is worth noting that SDI is not only the Samsung battery supplier, apple, HUAWEI and its customers, and replace the battery in the Samsung still appeared after the explosion, but in all the accused, SDI is beyond dispute.          

However, the survey results show that the third party Instrumental, Samsung Note 7 explosion of the hidden dangers lies in the battery, but ultimately the root cause or the design of samsung.          

Instrumental researchers said, due to the shape of the Samsung mobile phone designed to reserve space for a serious shortage of battery, a small space in the positive, negative, it is easy to squeeze together, thus causing the battery to fire. Samsung engineers know the battery space is too crowded, if you avoid this problem by a small battery can, but in order to ensure the Samsung Note 7 can have a large capacity battery, in the hope of internal protection measures to avoid possible problems, but failed.          

Note 7 between the battery and the motherboard is very narrow, the most narrow place only 0.1mm! This makes Note 7 of the battery even in the daily use will be squeezed. The battery because of frequent extrusion, resulting in the final burst.          

The pursuit of greater battery capacity is good, but safety is always the first member of the lucky heart industry taboo. Note was originally a good mobile phone, but because of the design problems led to the current situation, it The loss outweighs the gain.

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