Samsung SDI And LG Battery Not On The List

- Aug 14, 2016-

Recently, the Car Power Energy Store Battery Industry Qualification Condition Venture List, the fourth batch of quality vendor announced.

Please noted, foreign capital battery tycoon, like Samsung SDI and LG, are not list on.


related report that because of Samsung SDI not list on the fourth bath of Battery Qualification Venture, JAC iEV6S has slow down production.

JAC is also worry about Samsung SDI not list on the Battery List, which affects battery allowance.

Also, it also heard JAC is also matching other branded lithium batteries.


Why Samsung SDI and LG battery not list in?

SDI ltd. supervisor Wu Hui said at Daily Economic News, Samsung SDI and LG battery not list in, it's mainly because not passed TS16848 certification,

one of which condition is the battery company should have production and quality management record for at least 12 successive months.

but Samsung and LG established battery manufacturer in China since last October, so they are not able to list on the 4th Battery Venturer List.


from political view or profit view, LG and Samsung SDI foreign capital battery tycoon are facing not small challenge.

if LG and Samsung SDI can not enter the 5th List, many car factory will prefer chinese local batteries supplier.