Samsung SDI Signed A Power Battery Supply Agreement With Tesla Competitors

- Dec 08, 2016-

On December 7th news, according to foreign media reports, Silicon Valley electric car startup Lucid Motors local time, announced in December 6th, the company has reached a strategic cooperation with Samsung SDI, the main core of lithium ion battery which will serve as the company's suppliers. The two sides did not disclose the terms of the transaction.          

The two sides said in a joint statement, they will cooperate in a cylindrical electric core of the next generation, these batteries "exceed the current benchmark performance in energy density, power, calendar life and safety index". Moreover, the battery can withstand frequent fast charging, which generally affect the performance of traditional lithium ion batteries.          

"Breakthrough battery Samsung SDI new batteries show will bring real benefits to our customers, especially the operation of taxi service company day in and day out," Lucid chief technology officer Peter Robinson (Peter Rawlinson) said in a statement.          

Before job hopping to Lucid for the development of high-tech electric cars, Robinson served as chief engineer of Tesla Motors, played an important role in the development process of S Model. A week ago, Lucid announced plans to invest $700 million in the state of Arizona to build a car factory, producing horsepower to reach 1000 of the high-end electric sports cars. If Lucid can raise the funds needed to build the plant, complete the development of the luxury car, then they will start from the end of 2018 to deliver the car.          

For Samsung SDI, the cooperation with Lucid is a good news. Due to the problems associated with lithium ion batteries lead Note7 Galaxy overheating fire, Samsung Electronics in recent months has been struggling to deal with. Samsung SDI is exactly the main supplier of the problem of battery. Samsung lost billions of dollars in damage caused by the fire incident, the company's reputation as the world's largest manufacturer of smart mechanisms.          

Lucid is headquartered in California Menlo Park, in October changed the name of the company, formerly known as Atieva. Lucid's goal is to create a mileage of 400 miles (about 644 kilometers) per hour, from 0 up to 60 miles (about 96 kilometers) to pure electric cars for about 2.5 seconds, and Tesla and other luxury car brands compete. Lucid's prototype car is smaller than the Tesla S Model, but the same spacious interior.          

Robinson said in an interview last November, the company will launch a new round of financing in the first half of this year, to complete the development of the first models, and began construction in Casa Grande, Arizona factory.

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