Samsung SDI Will Produce Plasma In Wuxi In China For Solar Battery Cell Conductive Use

- Jan 21, 2017-

Samsung SDI will start in June 2016, in Jiangsu, Wuxi plant can start to improve the conversion efficiency of solar cell metal conductive slurry production line. The initial production will be 40 tons of the scale of production in the future plans to achieve a monthly production of 100 tons of scale.          

Samsung SDI from September 2015 began in Wuxi plant polarizing film production line and conductive slurry production line. Conductive slurry production line in the near future construction is completed, is about to officially put into operation. China brings together 70% of the world's photovoltaic modules, the company wants to build a system to deal with China's market demand. In addition, Thailand, Malaysia and India will also seize the emerging market demand for photovoltaic power generation. SDI made plasma batteries can be applicable into