Secondary Lithium Ion Flexible Battery

- Dec 25, 2016-

At present, lithium ion battery anode system including commonly used LiCoO2, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese oxide, three yuan and NCA. Most of the lithium-ion batteries used in consumer battery products use lithium cobalt oxide anodes because of their high voltage platform, high specific capacity and high real density.          

Anode materials are mainly graphite and lithium titanate, and the latest silicon carbon composites. Lithium titanate has low capacity and high working voltage, which leads to low energy density. Silicon carbon composite volume expansion is still more obvious, for soft package battery technology is still facing challenges.          

In addition, the lithium battery electrode is coated and then rolled, the adhesion strength between the electrode material and the collector is limited. After the repeated bending, it is very easy to appear the pole piece crack and cause the active material to fall off. Therefore, flexible batteries need to solve this problem.          

Secondly, the battery repeated bending process, the gap between the positive and negative pole piece with the bending degree of change, resulting in increasing the internal resistance of the battery. Therefore, the flexible battery must have better anode diaphragm anode interface stability. The last is package, plastic film as ordinary lithium battery package is no problem, but as a flexible battery packaging film is easy to wrinkle, resulting in piercing electrode or damaged packaging problems such as liquid leakage.          

Unlike flexible OLED screen blooming everywhere, claiming to be able to develop flexible lithium ion battery manufacturers handful. Domestic consumption of lithium-ion battery giant CATL has demonstrated a polymer composite inorganic solid electrolyte flexible battery, the battery can bend, and even scissors can not cut open security issues. But CATL did not open the number of bends and radians and other further technical parameters, there is no short-term production and sample delivery plan.          

2015 Samsung demonstrated a flexible battery, thickness of only 0.3mm, can bend 50 thousand times. Although the energy density of the battery is not large, but the smart watch strap, can increase the life time of the 50%. LG flexible battery products are similar, it can bend the radius of 15mm, and is estimated to provide dual life time for wearable devices. Unfortunately, the two batteries are still in the experimental stage, as of the end of 2016 have not seen mass production reports.


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