Secret Iron Phosphate Lithium Battery Electrolyte Solution Technology

- Sep 09, 2016-

Abstract: Li Bin, according to the performance of lithium iron phosphate battery and stop growing demands, electrolyte solution and lithium salt additive from two aspects.           


In August 22nd, "after the rectification" era, how to live better? "As the theme of the 2016 (ninth) high lithium battery industry forum and the 2016 high electric vehicles (passenger car, passenger car) National Tour Grand launching ceremony held in Kerry Hotel Pudong. Over 300 leading figures from various segments of the lithium battery industry chain attended the meeting, the scene of the industry difficult issues and market new wind to expand in-depth discussion.           


As a leader in the field of China's electrolytic solution, the material (002709) of the electrolyte R & D strength for all to see, has been walking in the forefront of the peer. At this meeting, a material product manager Li Bin published "the start and stop of the lithium iron phosphate battery electrolyte solution" speech, with the industry to share the relevant technology of dry cargo.SNL company also offers 


As we all know, the current rapid growth of the number of cars is not only caused by the increasing congestion of urban roads, but also allow a large increase in exhaust emissions, greatly increased the pressure on the government's environmental protection. If the start stop system used in car city, traffic jam and red light, automatic engine flameout, start stop battery receiving energy and power supply, start start stop battery and ignition, will reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and reduce emissions. Therefore, automatic start stop battery is considered to have a huge market potential.


In fact, in Europe, BMW, Audi, Peugeot, Citroen and other brands are almost all automatic startup and shutdown system configuration, start and stop the market share of the battery is gradually expanding. In many types of battery, the lithium iron phosphate battery is an ideal starting and stopping battery because of its exceptional life and high safety.if you need please contact SNL company as soon as possible.           


Under this background, the current domestic large-scale lithium battery factory has to start and stop the lithium batteries as this year one of the important discovery of the market, the future believe the field market space will be relatively large, while driving the growing demand for electrolyte.           


It is worth noting that, because the start stop battery is a high power battery, and at high temperature (summer temperature in the car after sun exposure may exceed 60 degrees) and low temperature (northern cold weather car temperature may be below minus 20 degrees) to normal operation, so high requirement on performance of electrolyte.           


Li Bin introduced, according to the performance of lithium iron phosphate battery and stop growing demands, electrolyte solution and lithium salt additive from two aspects.           

"Compared to DTD, PS has a better performance at high and low temperature, and the performance of SEI is better than that of DTD. In addition, LiPO2F2 can significantly improve the low temperature performance, while the performance of LiPO2F2 is improved based on lower interface impedance." Li Bin said at the conference site, through the use of DTD and LiPO2F2 these two additives, you can reduce the membrane impedance of the electrolyte, while improving the high temperature resistance of SEI film.           


In the lithium, Li Bin suggested that lithium iron phosphate lithium battery electrolyte can be used to start and stop LiFSI, one is LiFSI has better charge delocalization, so the higher electric conductivity; two LiFSI can significantly improve the high and low temperature and rate performance; three is LiFSI has better stability, high temperature reaction should be less so. In short, the LiFSI can improve the low temperature bulk conductivity of the electrolyte, and improve the thermal stability of the electrolyte at the same time.           


On the whole, the combination of the DTD/LiPO2F2/LiFSI electrolyte can meet the performance requirements of lithium iron phosphate battery.           


It is worth mentioning that, due to the material in the start and stop of the battery electrolyte has achieved good results, its shipments are rising. It can be inferred that in the strong technical strength + keen market sense of smell, help, the future is bound to be a leader in the field of battery electrolyte.


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