Silicon Valley Facebook To Buy BYD Pure Electric Buses And E6 As A Commuter Use

- Nov 30, 2016-

"Technology is king, innovation oriented", since BYD has been the concept of enterprise development, but also the "achievement dream" of the principle of behavior. Today, BYD's new energy vehicles have been around the world, in six continents, more than and 200 cities and regions and commercial operation of the model. For example, BYD electric buses sold the United States, including Tennessee, Maryland, Missouri, Denver, Texas, Orlean, Washington, North and South more than and 30 states including California, University of California Stanford University, can see BYD pure electric car figure.          

Recently, Silicon Valley is located in the headquarters of the Facebook also purchased a number of pure electric vehicles as employees commuting to use, the first purchase of a dozen BYD pure electric China and Pakistan and 6 sets of e6.          

Sold to Facebook BYD pure electric bus in the shape of the latest C6 (BYD6810HZEV) roughly consistent.          

The way of adhering to the "technology is king, innovation oriented" concept, the "technical Curve Wrecker" perfect interpretation, from the corner of Shenzhen to the world cutting-edge, BYD become a leader in the global industry of new energy vehicles. The future, BYD will build a green ecological travel, retain the blue sky for future generations.

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