Sillicon And Graphite

- Sep 10, 2016-

Abstract: the theoretical specific capacity of silicon anode is more than g / 4200mAh, which is much higher than that of graphite cathode (372mAh / g), which is a strong competitor for the next generation of anode materials for lithium ion batteries.           


Graphite is a lithium-ion battery industry veteran, has many good qualities, but in recent years a number of high performance with A new force suddenly rises. anodematerials threat to graphite material status, the interpretation of a love to kill the drama. Silicon anode materials as an outstanding representative of the new material, and graphite is really love hate hatred of the enemy is not clear. SNL company offers 2s lithium battery including: 



Silicon anode material theory than the capacity to achieve more than 4200mAh/g, much higher than the graphite cathode (372mAh/g), is the next generation of lithium ion battery anode material of a strong competitor.           


But there is a natural defect of silicon anode, lithium embedded into the Si lattice, Si materials will lead to serious inflation, volume reached 300%, resulting in cathode material expansion and pulverization, resulting in capacity decreased rapidly, in order to overcome these shortcomings of silicon anode, scientists will be two kinds of materials together, overcome by graphite silicon the disadvantage of negative.           


Although the initial silicon is to replace graphite anode, but at the end of the two materials have come together, you have me, I have you.                       


According to the distribution of silicon silicon carbon composite consists of coating type, embedded type and molecular contact type, according to the form is divided into particles and thin film type, according to the number of types of silicon carbon silicon carbon composite is divided into two yuan and silicon carbon composite.,113.9159113,16z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x340392f0f6365b7d:0xfb2f860e14c76e1a!2z5oGS6LaF5bel5Lia5Zut!8m2!3d22.675111!4d113.919973!3m4!1s0x340392f0f6365b7d:0xfb2f860e14c76e1a!8m2!3d22.675111!4d113.919973