- Sep 16, 2018-


Q91: What is overcharge and how does it affect battery performance?

Overcharging refers to the act of recharging the battery after it is fully charged after a certain charging process. The overcharging reaction to ni-mh battery is as follows:

Plus: 4OH- 4e to 2H2O + O2 up; 1.

Minus 2 times h 2 plus O2 over 2 times h 2

Due to negative when the design capacity is higher than the capacity of the anode, so the positive of oxygen through the diaphragm paper and negative hydrogen compound, so normally the battery internal pressure does not have obvious rise, but if the charging current is too large, or the charging time is too long, doesn't produce oxygen is consumed, it may cause the internal pressure increases, the battery as well as the deformation and leakage phenomenon. At the same time, its electrical properties will be significantly reduced.

Q92: What is overdischarge and how does it affect battery performance?

After the battery has finished discharging its internal storage capacity and the voltage reaches a certain value, the discharge continues to discharge will lead to overdischarge. The discharge cut-off voltage is usually determined according to the discharge current. 0.2c-2c discharge is generally set at 1.0v/branch, and above 3C, such as 5C, or 10C discharge is set at 0.8v/branch. Overdischarge of the battery may bring disastrous consequences to the battery, especially the over-discharge or over-discharge of large current will have a greater impact on the battery. In general, overdischarge will increase the internal pressure of the battery and damage the reversibility of positive and negative active substances. Even if charging is only partially restored, the capacity will also decline significantly.

Q93: What is the main reason for the expansion of rechargeable batteries?

01)Bad battery protection circuit;

02) cell expansion occurs when the battery has no protective function;

03) poor performance of the charger, excessive charging current causes expansion of the battery;

04) the battery is continuously overcharged with high power rate and large current;

05) forced discharge of the battery;

06) problems with the design of the battery itself.