Smart Lithium Battery Dog

- Aug 16, 2016-

Intelligent Lithium Dog, is an advanced smart lithium battery management and anti-thief system, which is widely used in electric car battery, electric bicycle battery, balancing car battery, scooter lithium battery etc.

User can check basic parameter and anti-thief management control of battery, via mobile phone APP or GPRS communication.

Also other information like manufacturer, after-sales service and battery detail info via APP.

therefore, intelligent lithium dog, is a highly integrate smart lithium battery monitor system.


product name: Intelligent Lithium Dog Lithium Battery Management System

communication model: 1) Blue tooth 2) GPRS +GPS

battery supervision: rest power, navigation, current battery temp, battery condition monitor;

battery safeness: single cell over charge/over discharge protection, charging high/low temperature protection, over current short circuit protection, balancing function

alarm function: charging high/low temperature alarm, over charge/over discharge alarm, over current alarm, short circuit alarm, full charged alarm, low power alarm

anti-thief: smart power lock, surrounding alarm, one key tracking