Solar Pannel Battery Safety Analysis II

- Oct 15, 2018-

Solar Pannel Battery Safety Analysis II

Battery plays a very important role in solar power energy storage system. if battery energy storage system failed, it's very dangerouse.

What factor will cause battery failure?

In fact, the failure of battery cell is only a small part of the hidden danger of the whole battery system. From the point of view of the module, the hidden danger of the battery will be doubled due to the factors of the structure, working mode and environment of the battery. Therefore, the structure design, control system, production control and so on of the power system are more important parts.

Not long ago, after the dismantling of three self-ignited electric vehicles, an industry insider found that the power battery suppliers and automotive enterprises concerned did not attach importance to safety. In order to reduce costs, the battery quality control was not strict, BMS design requirements were too low, and the power battery pack was not adequately protected by safety design.

Obviously, design and quality control are the culprits of the spontaneous combustion of these three vehicles, and similar cases are not rare. Wang Binggang, director of China Automotive Technology Research Center, said in an interview that some of the safety incidents in China's electric vehicles, some of which are very low-level mistakes, such as unprotected charging process, charging after charging, until the battery pack bulging, fire. Such inferior products have also passed the access test, either indicating that the access is not strict, or that the production is not in accordance with the requirements.

Ouyang Minggao, executive vice chairman of China Electric Vehicle Association, also said at the global future travel conference that the recent fire of new energy vehicles was mainly due to product quality problems, non-compliance with technical specifications and standards, and short technical verification cycle. Specifically embodied in three aspects: first, the battery product testing and verification is insufficient; second, the vehicle use process reliability changes; third, charging safety management technology problems.

Among them, charging safety is particularly important, because most of the safety incidents occur during charging, when the battery and charging system are connected together, is the easiest time for thermal runaway, but also a short circuit of high-voltage appliances, etc., will easily cause accidents. The original country for battery management system is an ISO26262 implementation specifications, but most enterprises do not strictly implement the design of functional safety specifications.