Solar Thermal Power Generation To Avoid Overheating Investment

- Nov 14, 2016-

"Light and light industrial development should avoid overheating." Public Management School of Tsinghua University associate professor Li Yingbo warned that companies and local governments must do global analysis, including thermal industry competition, industry characteristics and local resources endowment, choosing project and technical route, to avoid investment risk. In this regard, the photovoltaic industry already had a lesson, finally lead to overcapacity, many enterprises suffer heavy losses. Light and light industry development must avoid this point.          

Rational development of the industry can not be separated from the overall planning of the state. Compared with the thermal power generation wind power, solar power and other renewable energy industry and market research, planning the national level is still very weak, industry and market planning to research and formulation of thermal power generation, including positioning, the thermal power industry system, industrial structure, industrial chain, spatial layout, economic and social environment, project etc. make system planning.          

100 Ji Rui new energy Co., Ltd. chairman Xue Lingyun told reporters that at present, the commercial operation of China's solar thermal power project has just started, the relevant parameters of equipment manufacturing, system control, safe operation and other aspects of the improvement in the gradual accumulation, in the process of establishing thermal standard system, must be balanced to the actual data of various types, multiple the actual operation of the project. In the dynamic construction of the specific light and heat engineering practice, accurately grasp the actual operating parameters of light thermal power station, through rigorous scientific comparison, summed up the industry healthy development can follow the implementation of the standards, rules.          

For example, the long-term planning of solar energy use, the need to establish a mechanism for data collection of solar energy resources. Reporters found that the distribution of meteorological stations in China's eastern and Western intensive scarce, 98 stations and the National Bureau of meteorology observation system, including direct radiation of less than 20, which is not suitable for large area and in china. Serious shortage of direct solar energy resources, in the next period of time will have a negative impact on China's utilization of solar energy resources. "Different regions need different data, such as temperature, light and other climatic conditions, the database can be established to provide better services to enterprises." Qinghai provincial science and technology department director Xie source said.          

In the ITU standard standard power management center director Wang Yi said that the development of relevant standards and regulations, norms, the development of large-scale forming technology system, can promote the thermal power generation equipment industry scale, to further reduce the cost of the equipment and the cost of power generation. Can also go out to enhance the international competitiveness of China's light and heat technology. With the development of domestic and international solar thermal industry, and the progress of the work of standardization of light and heat, a number of standards have been leading the world.          

"Light and heat power generation is not only the power generation, it also led to a long industrial chain. Not only to promote strategic emerging industries, but also to promote the traditional industries to production capacity. The heat storage characteristics even can be used as a baseload power, direct replacement of traditional energy, play a greater role." Xing Yiteng said.

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