Solar Wind Hydro Bio New Energy Battery Show List

- Feb 17, 2018-

Solar Wind Hydro Bio New Energy Battery Show List

more and more clean energy is walking into our daily life. there are a lot of international exhibition over new energy, e.g. solar energy, water energy, wind energy, bio-energy etc. let's


as the leading tech in most of electronic development country. it has new energy leading tech show. details as below:

Trade Show Name: Leipzig International Energy Exhibition, Germany (Biogas-Fachmesse)

trade show scope: 

  • 1, solar energy equipment:

  • solar photovoltaic production equipment, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic related components, photovoltaic raw materials, photovoltaic products, photovoltaic engineering and systems, solar thermal utilization products, etc.

  • 2, wind energy equipment:

  • wind turbine (whole machine), parts / materials, project development / operation, wind farm management, installation and transportation, financial investment, wind / gas institutions, certification, wind power industry services, etc.

  • 3. Hydraulic power generation equipment:

  • hydroelectric generating set, hydraulic generator and so on;

  • 4, bioenergy:

  • biomass energy generation, biomass energy fuel, biomass gasification and combustion, biogas technology and forestry biomass energy plant cultivation technology.

  • 5. Other new energy sources: tidal energy, hydrogen energy, or water energy.


Trade Show Name: Ghent International Solar exhibition in Belgium

trade show scope:

  • 1. Solar energy supply system and products;

  • 2. Solar heating and heating equipment;

  • 3, the application of solar energy building;

  • 4, solar energy components, battery chips, inverters, accessories and so on.

  • 5, other solar energy applications;

  • 6, PV manufacturing equipment, silicon material and so on.


Kiev International Exhibition of power, energy, lighting and automation

trade show scope:

1, renewable energy: wind energy, solar energy, other renewable energy, hydrogen solution, biomass, fuel cell, micro hydroelectric power, steam energy;

2, conventional energy: oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear energy;

3, energy saving: energy saving technology, energy use measurement system, energy saving system;

4, power generation, transformation and storage: power plants, drive motors, AC and DC generators, power transformers, batteries, batteries, electric condensers, and interruptible power sources.

5, transmission and distribution: high and low voltage distribution equipment, wiring and wiring products, insulation materials, high pressure oil immersed switches, transformer substation isolation switches, low voltage electrical appliances.

6, equipment and accessories: switch, electric power supply casing, wall socket, connector, adapter, electromagnetic starter and other electronic technology.

7, measurement, adjustment and control of equipment: power semiconductor devices, automatic machinery and automatic control and instrumentation and equipment, system, two control circuit devices and low voltage transformer, current and voltage transformer, inverter and converter analysis instruments and diagnostic equipment, low voltage switch equipment;

8, electrical engineering: cable and wire and cable wiring systems, electrical installation equipment and systems, fixed electrical equipment, receiving antenna and broadband, distribution technology, network technology, information and communications equipment, measuring and test equipment, measurement technology, electric power industry IT system management, storage and installation of equipment, power distribution equipment, industrial control, miscellaneous electrical engineering equipment and spare parts, safety systems and equipment;

9, housing automation: facilities management, comprehensive curtain wall technology, daylight technology, sunshade / protection technology, photovoltaic system, air conditioning and ventilation system, material delivery syst

10, lighting technology: technical lighting and accessories, lighting and accessories, electronic lights, electrical and electronic components, lighting systems and accessories;

11, industrial automation: automation and IT solutions, field equipment and components, control systems, maintenance services;

12, factory automation: control technology, measurement technology, adjustment technology, network / industrial communication, wireless automation, embedded system, industrial PC, sensor system, industrial image processing, testing equipment, motor.

13, mechanical engineering: assembly processing, robots, systems and components, automatic assembly;

14, industrial production and industrial integration: building automation, industrial automation solutions, and studio buildings, clean rooms and similar production environment, clean work area, air conditioning and refrigeration, ventilation and air extraction technology, security technology.


Daegu International Green Energy Exhibition

trade show scope:

1: solar silicon material, silicon ingot / silicon, silicon, glass packaging, packaging film, battery, charger, inverter, support system, tracking system, single crystal, polycrystalline module cell / battery / cell / module, amorphous thin film solar cell / module, module, ingot / block production equipment silicon production equipment, battery production equipment, production equipment components, thin film battery production equipment, power generation systems, power systems, solar air-conditioning systems, solar power measurement and control system, solar heating systems engineering, solar thermal power, solar thermal power tower, disc type solar thermal power generation;

2, wind energy: wind turbine, off grid wind turbine, wind and solar power generation system, blade and its related materials, composite materials, gear box, lubricating oil (agent), generator, transformer, box type transformer, converter, hydraulic system, security system, lightning protection system, cable sheath, offshore installation base, ship and offshore installation platform;

3, other new energy: electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicles, solar light electric vehicles, biogas, biogas production technology and equipment, biomass gasification, biomass power generation technology and equipment, geothermal steam power generation system, double cycle geothermal, power generation system and flash steam geothermal power system, geothermal heating, geothermal refrigeration system, LED landscape lighting LED, road lighting, LED display, raw materials.