Solid State Batteries

- Jun 21, 2016-

The high energy density of lithium metal batteries, theoretically can reach 3860 w/kg. But by its very nature is not stable and cannot be charged, so cannot be used as repeated use of battery. Recharged lithium-ion battery with capacity development as the main power battery. But because of its different elements, consisting of cathode materials in all aspects of performance vary widely, led to increased trade disputes on cathode materials for the course.

Usually we say the most batteries include lithium iron phosphate battery, lithium manganese batteries, lithium-ion batteries and ternary lithium cobalt oxide batteries (ternary NI-co-MN).Since the birth of lithium-ion batteries, always use liquid electrolyte, flammable, insecurity, so we often see a variety of news of exploding lithium-ion batteries, battery life not to mention the poor. Sakti3 committed to solid state battery development, beyond the traditional lithium-ion batteries in all respects: it is more secure, even if the cell splits into two, or in a high temperature environment, the battery will continue to work; the battery energy density is greater, compared to the best lithium-ion battery, up to 1 time more than doubled, almost 1100 Watts per litre, used on smart watches, Battery life increase from 3.5 hours to 9 hours, used in electric vehicles, running from the 256-mile ascent to 480 miles; prices are also cheaper, can be $ 100 per kilowatt hour, far below the current price of us $ 200 to 300.