Solid State Lithium Battery New Chemical System Battery

- Oct 29, 2016-

Technological innovation is the basic premise for the survival and development of enterprises. In the field of Electronic Science and technology and new energy applications with each passing day, to increase the intensity of technological innovation in the field of battery, a battery enterprise to enhance the ability to develop, to deal with the inevitable choice of market competition.          

In the field of electric vehicles, how to improve the energy density of a single charge mileage through continuous upgrading of power battery, has become one of the problems and challenges faced by the industry and academia.          

"If the energy density further increased, more than 500 kwh / kg, must start from now to consider solid state lithium batteries, electrochemical research system and lithium air battery, lithium sulfur batteries and other new." In the Chinese Academy of Engineering Chen Liquan, the long-term development of the electric vehicle industry need to carry out technical reserves, and the solid state battery is expected to become the next generation of vehicle power battery technology roadmap.          

In fact, a large number of international leading enterprises have actively started to do the research and development of solid state batteries.

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