SONY Will Recall More Than And 300 Laptop Batteries With Hidden Dangers

- Feb 10, 2017-

According to the State Quality Inspection Administration website, the day before, SONY (China) limited to the State Quality Inspection Administration filed a recall plan, VGP-BPS26 battery recall some of the imported in January 2014 manufacturing. The number of battery packs affected by the mainland (including the battery pack in the European market) is 359.          

The scope of the recall of the battery is manufactured by Panasonic's group of companies. Due to the production process part of the electrode coating material thickness exceeds the standard range, and has been confirmed may cause the battery internal short circuit, there are individual cases and the possibility of causing overheating burned out. For the recall within the battery pack, SONY (China) Co., Ltd. will be free for customers to replace a piece to meet the requirements of the battery pack to eliminate hidden dangers.          

SONY (Chinese) Company issued a recall plan recently on the official website, that holds affected the battery battery consumers stop using the notebook computer, and contact SONY (Chinese) Co. Ltd. for replacement. Users can log on SONY (China) Co., Ltd. official website to see whether the use of the VAIO laptop battery pack is affected by the product, and further understand the specific situation through the customer service hotline. Can log the State Quality Inspection Administration of import and export of industrial and consumer products risk assessment center website or call for more information and recall events reflect the problems in the implementation process or submit the import consumer goods defect clues.