South Korea Battery On Pure Electric Passenger Car Market Good?

- Jan 08, 2017-

In the pure electric passenger car market, A00 model has been a major contributor to sales. Data show that from 2013 to 2015, A00 models in the proportion of pure electric passenger car has been around 60%, in 2016 fell. A00 class electric vehicle market has great potential, is expected in 2017 the share can be picked up to 60%, or even higher.          

Relevant data show that in 2016 1~11 months, in the field of new energy passenger cars (including pure electric and plug-in hybrid), pure electric vehicles still occupy an absolute advantage, the share reached 74%, plug-in hybrid was $26%. In pure electric, A00 accounted for 43.3%, accounting for the proportion of class a car with a small difference of less than 36.9%.          

2013 to 2015, the share of A00 in the overall level of pure electric car sales were 64.7%, 68.8%, 63.1%; 11 months of 2016 the cumulative ratio accounted for 43.3% of sales, November monthly sales rose 84% to 21 thousand and 400 vehicles, pure electric passenger cars accounted for the proportion of total sales of 37 thousand and 300 vehicles had rebounded to 57.5%, still ahead in a 35.8% share of pure electric vehicles.          

In 2016 September, due to the use of the South Korean battery did not enter the list of subsidies, SUV EX200 has been in the sale of state vehicles last year, the cumulative sales of 8000 vehicles, 51009 vehicles in the overall sales in the proportion is still up to 15.7%. Thus, there are still some electric SUV market demand. South Korea battery like: