South Korea Launched A New Type Of Fire And Explosion All Solid State Lithium Battery

- Dec 30, 2016-

Yoon (Seok), a professor at the University of science and technology of Ulsan (UNIST, School of energy and Chemical Engineering), led by Professor Seng M. Oh, a research and development team led by the Seoul National University, developed an all solid state lithium battery. The method of developing the cell is to melt the solid electrolyte first and then apply the molten electrolyte to the electrode. In order to solve the problem that the contact between the powder solid electrolyte and the electrode active material is not active, the lithium ion is more difficult to move to the electrode. The team also developed a solid electrolyte can enhance the conductivity of the material, adding lithium iodide in methanol (LiI).          

According to Professor Jung of the team, the newly developed solid electrolyte has a high ionic conductivity, non-toxic. And the use of raw materials and solvents (methanol) prices are cheaper.          

Compared to liquid lithium ion, all solid state lithium batteries in circulation, safety, power loss, life and energy density have obvious advantages, but also a higher voltage, battery module and system design is more simple.          

At present, there are two problems in the industrialization of all solid state batteries. One is that the ionic conductivity of the solid electrolyte is not high at room temperature, and the other is that the interface impedance between the solid electrolyte and the positive and negative electrodes is larger than that of the other two.          

This new type of battery Korea launched, a breakthrough in the ionic conductivity of solid electrolyte, and the materials used are relatively cheap, if the technology is mature, solid state lithium batteries will accelerate the commercialization process input.

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