Specification For New Power Battery

- Nov 23, 2016-

In November 22, 2016, the Ministry of public consultation "automotive battery industry norms conditions" (2017) comments. The draft and before the car power battery industry norms conditions, the main adjustment is:          

1) the production capacity is greatly improved, power lithium battery is not less than 8GWh, 40 times before; Ni MH battery enterprises not less than 0.1Gh, 10 times before; super power enterprise is not lower than 0.01GWh, 2 times before; system of enterprise is not less than 80 thousand sets (8 times before (or 4GWh) is 20 times before).          

2) requires the enterprise in the past two years the production and operation of products and application of no major safety accidents.          

3) on the production conditions of enterprises to increase the technological process of enterprises should have standardized, and set up from the raw materials, semi-finished products, process parameters, production process, factory and complete monitoring system, with precise control technology and other products to ensure consistency of ability."          

4 "system enterprises should work together with the automobile enterprises to research and develop the operation of the waste power battery recycling process, re use of the program." Enterprises should meet the relevant national and local policies and regulations on the recycling of power battery products."

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