Square Lithium-ion Battery

- Jun 21, 2016-

quare lithium-ion batteries are the most common lithium-ion battery life, its model very much, MP3, MP4, mobile phone, model aircraft and other products in wide use.

Square lithium ion battery is divided into metal shell package (Silver shell) and aluminum plastic shell package (gray white soft shell, with nails can designated marks) two species. metal shell package of is lithium ion battery or liquid lithium battery, aluminum plastic shell package of is lithium ion polymer (polymer) battery (Lithium ion polymer battery). This two species battery using of chemical material and electrochemical characteristics can said is similar, Major differences between lithium-ion polymer battery using colloidal substances help the battery pole fit or electrolyte absorption, reduces the quantity of liquid electrolyte and battery package can be changed to aluminum metal shell plastic case.

Shell of metal lithium battery cathode, positive side of the battery on the Protuberance; lithium-ion batteries anode aluminum shells are the battery side of the two plates, shells for insulators.