Standard For Automotive Products And Charging Facilities

- Jan 04, 2017-

Automotive product standards and charging facilities standards are the basis for the formation of a unified national market, different companies can have different technical choices, but must comply with the requirements of uniform standards. In this regard, the local government should make mandatory requirements. On the basis of these standards, should not be allowed to place outside the national standards and the introduction of local standards. To prevent the emergence of the mobile phone industry in the field of mobile phone charging incompatibility occurs.          

Should encourage local enterprises and the pilot and the establishment of a unified national market, to achieve interoperability organically, can not let the first become unified obstacles. We should further reform of automobile industry standards and the formation mechanism, increase research and participate in the different aspects of the representative, ensure the transparency of the process, to prevent the interests of collusion, to prevent the government by a few enterprises kidnapped, prevent the lead from the actual standard behind closed doors.

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