Sudden Events - Nanjng LG Chemistry Battery Manufacturer Get Fired Yesterday,5:09 A.m. 14th August 2016.

- Aug 15, 2016-

Sudden events - Nanjng LG chemistry battery manufacturer get fired yesterday,5:09 a.m. 14th August 2016.


News from 09:28 a.m., CNR report Nanjing Lejing chemistry new energy battery limited, LG subsidiatory workshop get fire.

It said, fire source is from lithium battery production device. Nanjing fire authority had increased further fire forces from Mai Gao Bridge, Shi Men Kan, Zhan Le protection, big facotry (Dry powder) to give support.

Now fires are under control, open fire have been extinguished. Firefighter are still allocate groups to check and shoot troubles.


Nanjing fire authority latest news, said, they received alarm at 5 o'clock or so, 8:00 fires are under control, no dead. Till 11:45 a.m., firefighter are still discharge smoke.